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Spring 2023 Tree Requests are now closed.
Please check back for future tree giveaways.


About the Trees

These tress are all native species grown by Woody Warehouse Nursery, Inc. based out of Lizton, Indiana. They use growing techniques that more effectively preserve the critical root systems that newly planted trees need to thrive.

The trees will arrive in 3-gallon grow containers and will be 4 to 6 feet tall. This size is both easy to plant and more likely to effectively establish in its new home. These trees will actually grow taller more quickly than larger balled and burlapped trees because they maintain their entire root stock (critical for tree health) during the transplant process.

Catalpa Tree Up Close.jpg

Species Options

Based on the variety of planting conditions in our area, the following tree species options are available for residents wishing to plant a tree on their property.

> Allegheny Serviceberry

> Bald Cypress

> Northern Catalpa

> Redbud

> River Birch

> Sugar Maple

> Tulip Poplar

We strongly encourage researching these tree varieties to ensure your preferences are well suited to your growing conditions (such as sunlight, soil health, and available space). Click the species names above to get more information on each tree option.

How it works:

The Tree Canopy Growth Fund is excited to offer a limited quantity of free native trees to area residents willing to plant and care for them on their private property.


> IDENTIFY A PLANTING LOCATION on your property that can accommodate the mature size and soil and light preferences of your preferred tree. It is helpful to research the tree species in advance using the helpful links below.

> SIGN UP ONLINE using the form below. We recommend signing up soon as supplies are limited.

Note | Requests will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis and subject to species availability, but our goal is to provide every resident with a tree they will love and that will work well for their yard.

> CONFIRMATION of your tree request will be provided via the email address included in your online signup form. 

> RECEIVE YOUR TREE at the address provided in your online signup form. That's right, we will even deliver the tree right to you! Trees will be delivered in mid-April.

> PLANT YOUR TREE on your private property in a location that will allow the tree to reach its full mature size and remain in good health. Please visit our Tree Planting and Care page for detailed guidance to ensure your new tree gets off to a great start.

No longer accepting 2023 requests.

Submit Your Tree Request


Complete the online form below to request your free tree.

Please be sure you provide a valid email address that you check regularly so you receive important follow up contact from us regarding your request. Thanks for your interest in planting a tree!

Property Type
Please select your species preferences [choose all that apply] NOTE: available quantities are listed next to each option and were last updated 3.8.2023.

Thanks for submitting your tree request! We will be in touch via email (typically within a week or so) to update you on the status of your request. We appreciate your desire to help rebuild our tree canopy!

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