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Why trees? We're glad you asked.

White Two-story Home

Property Values

A range of studies from academic and trade organizations suggest that the presence of trees in and around a property can have a direct positive impact on the real and perceived value of that property. 

In other words, a small initial investment to plant a tree (or several) will pay off financially many times over in the long run.


Energy Savings

Well placed trees and vegetation can significantly reduce energy consumption for homes and other structures. Deciduous vegetation around buildings allows for solar gain in the winter months, reducing heating costs. In summer, trees can intercept substantial amounts of solar energy, reducing the dependence on air conditioning. 

Pink Blossom

Beauty & Placemaking

Trees can bring a natural structure and beauty to all types of spaces, from homes and residential streets to public plazas and parks. They can serve as natural works of sculptural art, offering different colors, textures, and shapes throughout the year. Trees can also help define a place or make a space more comfortable by virtue of the shade, wind protection, and sound barrier they provide.  

Rain Boots

Water Management

A vibrant urban forest can dramatically reduce storm water runoff and associated flooding, especially in more developed areas. Storm water management is especially important in Fort Wayne, given that three rivers run directly through it. Trees also serve as natural filters to help to clean groundwater of pollutants. 

Tree-lined Street

Air Quality

Trees play an important role cleaning the air of pollutants, both particulates and gases, from the air in urban settings. Trees can also dramatically reduce the effects of harsh summer heat, helping to lower outdoor temperatures. Better air quality can improve both quality of life and community health outcomes. 



The urban forest provides habitat for many species of birds, mammals, fish, insects, and amphibians that enrich urban life and offer opportunities for study. Trees can also serve as an important food source for a variety of creatures who share urban environments.  

Walk in the Park

Community Health & Well-Being

A healthy, well-maintained urban forest can have many positive effects on the physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being of individuals and communities. 

Research now provides scientific basis to support what many of us already felt, that life is better with more trees and nature within our community. 

Maintaining our urban tree canopy is one way to support a healthier, happier community with improved quality of life for all.  


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